Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Girl selling bread with mother under a bridge.

Orthodox church priest sitting out in the sun, with their shades on.

Beautiful veranda by a lake south of Cairo.

A gang of people waiting to cross the road, under the bridge.

Children on a donkey in a field in an oasis in the desert.

A young boy waiting patiently outside a mosque, in Egypt.

Two Muslim sisters.

Old lady sipping tea in a cafe, smoking hookah.

Today, I finally received my external hard drive from the data recovery company. I popped it in the nearest PC and I breathed a sigh of relief. Just finished importing all the photos into iPhoto. Unfortunately, the data restored was saved in PC format and so all the previous iPhoto settings are missing. That means, even though the pictures are still categorized under different events, all the events name are gone and I have to key in every single event (358 all them) again. And some of the pictures have their modified and original versions filed under the same event and thus I need to go through every single photo (23,000 +) to delete the modified ones.

Thing is, my photo filing wasn't particularly organized and it wasn't until I got my Macbook Pro that I started to really file all the photos with a dedicated event name. Maybe this is time I organized my photos better, with a reborn photo database.

Attached here are some of my favorite B&W portraits from Egypt when I visited in 2004. These were all taken in B&W film, not digital.


Albert said...

I love the photographs of faces. There a sense of intimacy between the subject and the lens.

The rat and the monkey said...

Wow, you can really tell the difference between digital and real film... Anyhow - STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING and become a professional photographer. NOW!

Anonymous said...