Saturday, 25 April 2009

Egypt - Continued

Some believe that the pyramids were built by aliens and I didn't find it hard to believe. The precision of the alignment of the pyramids - how they resemble the belt of the Orion constellation. And looking how the sun sets directly behind them. I was in awe looking at the pyramids. In fact, I stayed inside the pyramid site the whole day just taking photos, waiting from day in to day out. I was quite lucky to get this cloud formation on that day to give this dramatic effect.

Going on a desert safari had always been one of the many dreams of mine. Now I did it, on a camel back. Pictured here is a desert just outside Hurgada, which is by the Red Sea. It is not the kind of desert you see in the Sahara or Gobi, as it is full of pebbles and boulders. In fact, it looks more like the deserts you see in Arizona or Australia's Outback. I was a little bit disappointed as I was expecting to see sand dunes and the ripples. Nonetheless, I was in the desert and when I showed this picture (below) to my friends, they thought that it looks a bit like the surface of the moon. The picture above shows two camel herders.

Here are two pictures taken on a highway at the end of my trip, with the land stretching as far as the eyes can see...

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Andy said...

I think I prefer the pyramids to the telegraph polls, lol

Where's the pics of u riding a camel?