Wednesday, 29 April 2009

People of The Philippines - 02

I love Asia. I love Asia for its openness to being photographed, especially among parents for their children. Had it been in the West, I wouldn't have been able to take photos like this as the parents would fear that I would be a pedophile trying to sell photos of their children on line.

I remember when in Australia, I pointed the lens at a fully clothed girl, her father gave me the angriest look. If he had a chance to see the photo I took of his daughter, he would probably beg me to send him a copy.

When it comes to portraits, I have to admit that children are my favourite subjects. They give me the pretties eyes and, while some find children very hard to work with, I find them very willing to talk to me and to my camera. Building a connection is key in taking portraits of children, but getting the trust from their parents is even more important. Therefore, I often show them my photos right after so that they'd see how beautiful their children are.

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