Monday, 27 April 2009

People of The Philippines - 01

A few years ago, I went to The Philippines (third time I think). That was also when I first got my second hand DSLR. After a few years of film photography, like most film photographers, I was a bit reluctant to change. When I was still using film, I had a very high-quality Nikon classic: Nikon FM. That was like the epiphany of cameras the decade it was produced.

Then I had the Nikon D100, which I still own and use a lot. I was very impressed, and I'm sure most people will find it hard to believe why I had that kind of reluctance for the transition. That trip to the Philippines in 2004 was the first trip I took my DSLR with me. Sometimes I can't help but wonder, would any 25-year-old or below still know how to load a film on a point-and-shoot, let alone on a Nikon FM?

Compared to today's DSLR, my D100 might seem a bit obsolete. But to me, it's more about the composition and the use of available lighting. In my next post, I will post one of my favourite portraits ever taken with my Nikon D100.

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