Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Faces of Buddha 1 - Phnom Penh

If Buddha had a face, I think he would look like these...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Monks 1 - Phnom Penh

Boy on the Street, Phnom Penh, Laos

Phnom Penh, Laos, was a city that I did not expect too much from. The whole point of going there last year was that I wanted to go to Lua Prabang, one of the hidden gems in Southeast Asia, where the whole town is listed a heritage site by UNESCO. But as I wandered along the streets in Phnom Pen, I saw this little boy whose happiness and smile could not be contained when I kept take pictures of him. You can tell by the streak drool under his lips!

There is his mother, who is as beautiful as her son. More to come on Phnom Penh people, and many, many Buddha statuettes.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Egg(鸟蛋)- National Centre for the Performing Arts

Built by French architect Paul Andreu, the National Centre for the Performing Arts, or intimately known as The Egg by the locals, is one of my favourite pieces of modern architecture in Beijing. I love how as though it is dropped from the sky in the middle of the traditional Chinese buildings (The Forbidden City, for example) and Communist landmarks (such as Great Hall of the People and Chairman Mao Mausoleum). The style, a futuristic silvery dome, is so out of place that it actually fits in quite harmoniously.

Today, Beijing saw one of its balmiest days with warm sunshine and crystal clear sky. A lot of photographers flocked to The Egg with their tripods and multiple cameras set up at the best locations, trying to get the best shots they could. I, however, just peddled away on my bicycle, finding the best location and tried to steal a shot here, and a quick shot there like an opportunist, marking a memorable end for my first Labour Day in Beijing.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

I ♥ Hong Kong

Moving to Beijing has not been a difficult transition for me. And I actually haven't missed much about Hong Kong but except for one thing: the sea. My family live right on the habour side in Fortress Hill and even after I moved out, I lived some 10 minutes from the Victoria Harbour in Central. The waters of Hong Kong have played an integral part of my growing up as a) I have always lived close by the sea, and b) I love going to the beach and c) there's nothing I love more than going on a boat trip in Hong Kong.

Now living in Beijing, which is practically in the middle of the desert, going to the sea as become a kind of luxury. Pictured above was taken just outside where my parents live. With the skyline from Tsim Sha Tsui as a backdrop and a fishing sampan in the front, what I live most is actually the fisherman sitting at the bottom of the Easter Corridor, waiting for his boat to pick up him.

Hong Kong's famous skyline of Victoria Peak, featuring Wan Chai, Admiralty and Central.

Contrary to most people's belief, Hong Kong is actually full of nature. In fact, 70% of Hong Kong's land is green and bushy. Shown here is a small creek in Fan Ling, northern Hong Kong. There is so much to offer in terms of hiking and water sports.

Sunset at South Bay - my favourite beach in Hong Kong. I used to go there almost every weekend. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Lama Island and Lantau Island. The poles are from Ocean Park, one of Hong Kong's most famous theme park. The reason I love South Bay is, it is very gay friendly and yet very stylish and not too cruisy. It is such a meeting place for lots of different people that every time I went, I always ran into people I know. And the sunset there is always gorgeous, best enjoyed in the beach bar with drink in my hand...

As much as I like Beijing, the next city I move to must be close to the sea...